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MJ Bale does the Kingston Collection

M.J. Bale is a suit label synonymous with suave, so with the latest release of the Kingston Collection, you know it’s worth paying attention to.

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The new Kingston Collection is the first single origin suiting collection for the men’s suiting and generally dapper brand, that wholly celebrates their sustainable and ethical roots and initiatives. By working with ‘the Cameron family’ from Tasmania, MJ Bale can assure the suits come fully from the custodians of the Kingston Farm in Tasmania, meaning its nothing but quality wool and a darn fine suit.

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Sustainably sourced and sharp, a collaborative deal between MJ Bale Founder & CEO Matt Jensen with fourth-generation sheep farmer Simon Cameron resulted in the label using wool solely from his Kingston Farm, with a percentage of every suit sale reinvested in the maintenance of Kingston’s natural bio-diversity.

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Cameron highlights the ethos that underpins Kingston farm, “For me, the Kingston dream is about producing the best wool on the best managed native land,” which integrates its way into each stitch of the bird’s eye weave.

Available in full and half canvas; blue, navy, charcoal and grey are the colours of the collection and possibly the season.

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