Mimco Presents Paradise Battalion – Season 1

In a unique display of vocalisation and models whose end-of-runway poses consisted of Victoria’s Secret-inspired winks and playing with iPads, the Mimco Paradise Battalion collection was presented at this year’s L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival with a good reception.

I have several problems with overcoming the issues of quality and durability when it comes to all things Mimco, but that aside, their runway presented some intriguing and on-trend pieces for their target market of women around the ages of 17-40.

The collection was apparently inspired by a romantic view of the future, where the brutality of war and industrialisation has been replaced by an overwhelming and intoxicating beauty. Where this sort of inspiration comes from is beyond me.

Military influences are evident, but we’ve imagined a world where the tools of armies have been abandoned, and in their place, life has grown up and over them, turning them into items of decoration and wonderment.

Thanks to Jennifer Estrada of Mirar PR for her shots as usual.


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