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The new genderless bags that have everyone talking: Von Routte

When it comes to choosing bags to buy, it can be hard. You don’t want the same basic bag as the that nobody walking past you in the street is carrying, so where do you go to find something that sets you apart without breaking the bank?

If this century is anything to go by, you go to the website of Von Röutte and choose essentially any of their stylishly designed pieces that can be worn by men and women and call it your own.

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With a background in design and sustainability, Gus and Marina – the couple behind the bags – always knew how important it was for them to create their own accessories empire, focused on quality, unique design and practical implication. So fast-forward to now, the concept they hatched for Von Röutte was something along the lines of a solution for many to the unaffordable market of accessories that comprised the market.

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The brand comes from the story of the couple who’ve made Australia their home by choice and consider themselves avid travel fans. Looking at the product range, it’s hardly a surprise as most items are geared toward ease-of-travel and compact size, making them perfect for on-boarding and off-boarding vessels, jumping in cars and just life’s activities in general.

The products speak volumes for themselves. The Sousse backpack is something that has fast become synonymous with the brand, offering a bag that’s a little bit ‘indie vibes’ with far superior quality than anything else out there.

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They’re about Scandinavian design elements for those with the taste to appreciate it.

“Our passion for travelling, design and architecture have inspired us to build the Von-Röutte brand. Three Nordic values have intrigued us since day one: simplicity, functionality and beautiful aesthetics,” they said.

See more at their website.

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