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Men’s Skincare Done Right With Indeed Labs

Indeed Labs was made to specifically target different skin issues. Much like any good skincare brand should, but it’s with Indeed that each product has a specific purpose, and delivers results every time, packaged in an accessible non-discriminatory way with proven affects that really make you want to sit up and pay attention.

With the change of season from warmer months to the cooler months of winter, officially as of 1 June, the skin can take a battering. Sure, it might be protected by beards, facial hair or layers of makeup, but it’s what’s happening underneath that needs addressing and Indeed are out to prove they’re the best brand for the job.

With three new products, Eyesilix for dark circles; Retinol Reface for anti-ageing and an Indeed Labs exfoliating powder for the obvious, everything is well and truly sorted.


Eysilix is designed to target dark circles and fine lines around the eyes.  This breakthrough product is created using 10 peptides, and the finest botanical extracts to target the delicate and troublesome skin around the eye area.  Eysilix is eye cream that targets 10 eye issues in a single cream including calming the effects of stress and fatigue, enhancing circulation to decrease puffiness, and enhancing the skins elasticity.


Retinol Reface is Indeed Labs’ anti-ageing miracle cream.  Formulated from the most pure forms of Vitamin A, Retinol Reface is considered one of the most effective serums for reducing signs of skin ageing as well as removing acne scars.  The serum improves the skin’s overall condition, creating a smoother and softer skin surface.


Finally, the Indeed Labs exfoliating powder is not too dissimilar to the Dermalogica powdered exfoliator but half the price (definitely one of the brand’s selling points).  The exfoliating powder uses a unique combination of enzymatic exfoliating actives like bamboo extract, rice bran protein, pineapple enzymes and Okinawa red algae to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and renew skin cell growth.  Activated by the addition of water, the Indeed Labs exfoliator will leave skin soft, smooth and free of blemishes.


Pick some up from Indeed Labs online at their website.




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