How to do your doo

Dudes and their hair are like girls and theirs. Often neglected and screaming out for some love.

That is at least, if you see some of the heads I come across!

I’ve recently discovered the magic of not only shampooing and conditioning – known about that for years – but the wonder of using a finishing product when your hair is damp, like Elixir Oil or Argan Oil. If like mine as a man, your hair is longer and takes on many different styles, it’s the perfect finishing touch on keeping hair healthy and looking top-notch.

Alongside this little gem,LYNX shampoo  has made it into the bathroom cupboard, introducing a nostalgic high-school reminiscent kind of feel to the morning wash.

I remember Lynx from he days when it wafted through the locker room at boys’  high schools. These days they’ve branched out to include in their entry-level affordable and diverse range of men’s hair products.

Perfect for a quick and easy pre-appointment wash, the smell’s masculine and comes in a great little bottle.

Coming in at only around $6.95 per bottle, it’s a quick fix and perfect for prepping for that night out, job interview or first date.

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