Men’s hair tutorial 2: casually dressy

On the whole, guys could definitely use a helping hand. when it comes to putting together a look atop their heads worthy of the public.

God knows I could.

In all my curiosity on how best to style hair this coming warmer spring-summer season, I sought the help of Jacky Chan from Oscar Oscar in Melbourne on how to achieve a very on-trend look.

Jacky took me through a second look for the season (further to the first one here) and how to get the look.

Photos by Meagan Harding.

Hairstyle: casually dressy

Men look 2 - 8

How to get this look…

Men look 2 - 1 prime

1. Work through some primer to texturise the hair and add volume.

Men look 2 - 3 blow dry into direction

2. Blow dry into the desired direction of the do. In this look, the model’s hair is brushed forward and to the side from the fringe with the back majority to the side.

Men look 2 - 5 add volumising powder

3. Applying some Redken powder grip ($20.95), work the hair again in the style’s direction, playing with individual grouped strands for some initial texture.

Men look 2 - 6 twist through powder for texture

4. Twist individual groups of hair strands for further texture and to cement the position of the hair with the volumising powder.

Men look 2 - 7 flatten down sides and back

5. Stick down sides.

6. You’re done.

Men look 2 - 9

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