Men’s hair by Hanz de Fuko

A bit of San Franciscan style never went astray. Hanz de Fuko made it its mission, bringing its city-inspired men’s hair care to the world.

Hanz de Fuko set out in 2009 to establish itself as not only a great option in the men’s hair care market, but to illustrate its mantra and sole belief that life should be lived with purpose, truth to one’s self and fun. It maintains this mantra to this day.

The Hanz de Fuko labelling is a small, but potent embodiment of that; free, fun and creative. Their determination to encourage people to break from the ‘status-quo’ and try new things, embark on new frontiers and try their hand at a new game gives them the power behind their drive and their view to an end.

Their products are simple, sophisticated, common sensical and structured, bringing great styling options with each bottle or jar.

With wax, clay pomade and a range of men’s body soaps and cleaners, the Hanz de Fuko offering is as good as any other with a bit more soul.

See their full range and the story at their website (WWW) and their Australian stockists at The Iconic.

Hanz de Fuko

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