Men’s Grooming Guide

Whether you’re getting ready for that big date, the job interview you’ve just landed, sprucing-up that new hair do or just scrubbing up to set yourself apart from the rest, these handy ideas we’ve scoured from near and far make the cut of the best.


Molton Brown gift box

The Molton Brown range has for as long as men cared to look after themselves, been the go-to for adventurously scented, manly finished body washing products.

In simple packaging, nothing overtly fancy inside and with a subtle scent and manly colour range, the body washes do justice to the shower rack of the mostly fine of gents.

Available in packages that are suited for the forward planner, the Molton Brown gift boxes – like this Winter Wash Gift Set shown – are a perfect gift or ideal for a good old fashioned stock-up. At $98, they’re a good investment.

Grown Alchemist body cleanser

The Grown Alchemist range is one of those you’re happy to show off because off all the good stuff they pump into each batch.

With a smell that rivals the best of Aesop, a practicality that doesn’t end and as dude-ish looking a bottle as you could probably get, they’ve gotten it right with the Grown Alchemist body cleanser range. It does all the good stuff you’d expect and has a scent that lingers; making you kind of want to keep breathing deep.

Good for the body and soul, and at only $39.95, you could do worse.

Bulldog original face wash

The Australian men’s skincare brand Bulldog is no ‘bull’. They’re naturally sourced, sensitively-focused and masculinely derived for optimum impact on the faces of men.

This face wash comes in original and sensitive options for those with a little more tingle, but are perfect for men from all walks. They’ll set you back around the $10 mark.


Philips 9000 Series S9711 Electric Shaver

The Philips 9000 Series S9711 Electric Shaver is one snappy piece of facial technology.

Three blades move independently of one another for a very comprehensive, close and easy to navigate shave. It’s one of those zippy shavers that allows for varying degrees of shave depth on the face with the simple click of a button and while letting the user shave wet or dry, it’s perfect for the most leisurely or time-poor of beard-haters.

Coming with a beard styler at five different lengths, around an hour of cordless use after a full charge and a nifty self-cleaning internal mechanism, it’s a piece of facial science that you can now get for only $499 from the Shaver Shop.

Schick Hydro Sensitive shave gel

The Schick Hydro range is as practical as they get. Cheap, reliable, perfect for sensitive skin or for guys whose faces dry out with each shave with options to moisturise while shaving, they have all bases covered. Available all over the place from cheap to expensive outlets, they range around the $5 mark for any 240mL can.

Bulldog Original Shave Gel

An Australian success story by a man, for men, the Bulldog Skincare literally is one of man’s best friends when it comes to looking after your skin.

Sourced from natural ingredients they say, Bulldog has a full range of skincare products marketed specifically at men. This shave gel is a soft, low smelling, actively moisturising shave gel perfect for all sorts of beards. For someone with no facial hair to a fells with a thicker growth, it’s an ideal all rounder.


You know those annoying bits of hair that begin to touch the tips of your ears when you grow your hair? And they don’t look good? And when your sideburns get too long? Well, this electric shaver-come-groomer called the Schick Hydro 5 Groomer is the problem solver for all male hair-related woes.

Complete with battery and waterproof seal, this little gem of a groomer is perfect for not only wet shaving, but ideal to even carry outside of the bathroom for last-minute touch-ups.

At $20.95, it’s an affordable investment.

Bulldog Original After SHave Balm

One moment they’re shaving, the next they’re soothing; the Bulldog Original After Shave Balm is an easy and affordable alternative to the other more expensive supposedly ‘more beneficial’ products on the market. It does what all the flashier brands say they do, only using different ingredients and with the added benefit of a whole range of other products to back it up.

A winner at around $10.

Dermalogica Soothing Shave Cream

You can normally back it in that anything by Dermalogica is going to be great. Their products are made with the practicality of every day use in mind, while they combine everything with some top-notch ingredients and products to have the best affect on your face.

This Dermalogica Soothing Shave Cream is one of them.

With a clinicians scent and an after-effect you can see and feel – especially for those who get a bit red and raw post-shave – this is the one for you.

Comes in at only around $20.

Philips TT2040 Body Groom Duo

If shaving the face isn’t enough and you’re in need of a bit of a hedge trim below decks, this is the piece for your arsenal you can’t go past.

The Shaver Shop has pioneered the charge toward a new world of men’s grooming and manscaping and revolutionised what it means for a man to take care of himself. This is a perfectly affordable and accessible example of the testament to better men that they have created.

The Philips TT2040 Body Groom Duo has a mobile head, offers varying shave lengths and has made every effort to be courteous to the bumps and contours of even the most shredded of users. Similar to its more expensive facially-focused cousin (above), it operates with a 50-minute post-charge battery life and is both easy cleaning and usable in the shower. Win in our eyes.

At $99 from The Shaver Shop, you know where to go.


Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub

Corn isn’t just good for eating; it has uses in the world of skin too it seems.

This Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub uses granulated corn cob meal, alongside a few of Dermalogica’s other potions and products, to create a completely neutral, light skin exfoliant to clear away any impurities. It smells like it’s doing something good for your face.

Perfect post shave once the skin has settled down, this scrub lightly lifts away all the junk you left behind, readying you for a nice coat of a decent moisturiser. See what we’ve picked below…

Bulldog Original Face Srcub

A heavier a more gluggy option for something you want to strip your skin of impurities rather than something that feels like it’s putting them on, the Bulldog Face Scrub still works well.

Its moderate concentration of granulations mean the face doesn’t get beaten around with such a heavy onslaught of grit, doing what the product is meant to do, without the harsh after effects.


O Cosmedics Triple Defence Protection

The O Cosmedics Mineral Pro Triple Defense Protection cream with SPF 30+ is, for those who want to look like they’re 25 when they’re 45, one of the best options available.

There are too many benefits to a product like this to list (see them all here), but know that the products are developed with a team of pharmacists that caters to the Australian climate and most notably, contains a world’s first V8 Peptide Complex, striving for anti-age affects.

With other winning ingredients like Resveratrol, a superior Antioxidant used in a encapsulated form it has a perfect affinity with the epidermal cells for enhance penetration and absorption, the product can do no wrong. The technology in Resveratol prevents the product from being washed or rinsed off, so once it is applied it delivers a sustained release of resveratrol over several hours.

With a tinted option as an alternative, this comes in at under $149 and is completely worth the investment.

Bulldog Skincare Sensitive Moisturiser

One of the best things about Bulldog Skincare is their moisturiser. It’s light and effective in keeping skin looking and feeling full of life; which is where their more sensitive option comes in.

Seemingly lighter, more therapeutic and less intense on more worry-prone skin types, the Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser is perfect for keeping it light and care free.

We recommend using it liberally before bed for best results as the oil in the product will give you a nasty sheen look through the day.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturiser

Cetaphil is an uneducated skincare user’s go-to and introductory to the world of facial moisturisation. It works, is easy to use, doesn’t have any fancy packaging or overly complicated ingredients listings, doesn’t limit you from sunlight and bears no judgement for having it in your bathroom.

Cetaphil is a light, slightly greasy moisturiser, good for those with particularly dry skin or who want something quite neutral that your face won’t react badly to.

At $20, it’s easy.


Eleven Australia I want body powder

If there is one piece of advice we can impart to even the most nonchalant of hair wearers, it’s volumising powder.

For those who don’t know, it’s a light, granulated powder often made from a variety of products or ingredients that all do the same thing – volumise the hair and give it style. If you’re particularly thin-haired, this is your new best friend.

The guys at ELEVEN hair products have created a nice little bottle of the stuff that works perfectly with any hair care regime. It’s called ‘I Want Body’ Volume Powder, comes in 353-ounce bottles and lasts a lifetime. Combine it with your preferred hair styling clay or creme and you’ll be knocking ’em down left, right and centre.

Schwazkopf Professional 3D Men Texture Clay

To finish off the look, the Schwarzkopf Professional 3D Men Texture Clay is one of the most easy to use products on the market.

It’s light, white, water soluble and works through hair easier than any product we’ve seen in a long time, smells like it belongs in an expensive salon – where it is only available – and the packaging says the same thing too.

A definite good buy and at only about $22.95, it’s perfect.


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  1. O Cosmedics says:

    Thanks for the love, James. Mineral Pro is certainly under $149… Only $45 RRP to be exact!