Male baldness explained by Dr. Sara Kotai from Man Cave Sydney

Dr. Sara Kotai’s Tips & Tricks To Hair Loss: The Long And Short Of It

It’s no secret that men – Australian men in particular – can be tight-lipped when it comes to talking about their changing body. Affecting 85% of men, hair loss and male pattern baldness is at the top of the pile as one of the most common and under-addressed issues of body consciousness.

As a hair loss specialist, time and time again I have consulted with men desperate to understand and cure what’s isn’t going on upstairs. For many, it can decimate their self confidence; they are terrified of taking off their hat, swimming, or even just strong winds that may move those meticulously placed strands. We underestimate just how affected many men are, both psychologically and socially. Sure, there are lots of lotions and potions claiming to cure or treat it. But since 1997, there have been no new drugs approved by the FDA, leaving actual treatments few and far between. So let’s set the record straight:

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Male baldness explained by Dr. Sara Kotai from Man Cave Sydney


1.      Stress, illness and new medication

These can be a bit of a shock to the system. This shock can cause hair roots to be prematurely pushed into a ‘resting state’, which makes for sudden and excessive shedding.  But worry not. They will come back as the body recovers. Try taking a break for some peace-of-mind.


2.     Imbalanced protein supplement consumption

Too little protein forces your body to prioritise how it is used (generally for more important things than hair). Be careful, though! Did you know that too much protein (in the form of whey protein, creatine, BCAA’s, or pre-workouts) can have the same affect, but greater? It increases testosterone, which then increases hair-follicle murder, known as Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. If you still want to pack on the muscle while keeping a decent crop up top, try HelpHair.


3.      Anabolic steroids

To be honest, hair loss is one of the largest worries here. Taking these will rapidly, significantly and irreversibly thin you on top. Sorry, boys! If you’re going to be one of those balls of muscle rolling around the gym, prepare for a high likelihood that’ll involve you looking bald, too.


4.      Diet

Too much or too little of anything is detrimental to our health – what’s that saying, all things in moderation? –  and the same goes for our hair. Hair loss can actually be a good early indicator of imbalance in our diet. Take a step back and think about the vitamins, minerals, fats, caloric intake and cholesterol in your diet. Too much? Too little? Try speaking to a dietician to strike the right balance.


5.      Smoking

There’s a clear link between lighting up and how fast male pattern baldness gets worse. So if you’re looking for one more good reason to quit, add early hair loss to the list.


6.  Genes

Unfortunately, most thinning of guys can thank their parents (both Mum and Dad!) for passing on male-pattern baldness. This causes a hormone called DHT (again) to shrink hair follicles to the point where hair cannot grow in them. Damn.


Male baldness explained by Dr. Sara Kotai from Man Cave Sydney



1.      Leave it alone

Hair loss that isn’t from male pattern baldness can often be reversed on its own once the problem has gone away.  If you are impatient like me, or just want to know you have a full vitamin and mineral profile, HelpHair can help replenish what is needed to foster good growth.


2.      Stay healthy

De-stress, plenty of sleep, exercise, hydration and good food. Keys for a happy life and a happy head of hair.


3.      Medication

Although there is no cure for male pattern baldness, Medications can slow it down. Minoxidil works well at the front hairline and can be bought over the counter. Finasteride works at the crown by slowing down the body’s DHT assembly line (talk to your doctor to find out the nitty gritty).


4. Hair supplements

Fish Oil (omega 3) and Flaxseed Oil (6-linoleic) are great for promoting healthy hair (and keeping your ticker strong!). Meanwhile, HelpHair can always boost your vitamins, minerals and amino acids specific to healthy hair.


5.      Hair transplants

This is the only proven and permanent solution. Hair follicles are transplanted from thicker areas of the scalp to rebuild the hair line and thicken balding or thinning areas. Check out New Hair Clinic.


6.      Scalp Micropigmentation

For those who are very challenged in the follicle department, having cosmetic tattoos is an option. It sounds funny, but the results are quite incredible. A qualified technician uses bespoke ink to tattoo the appearance of hair follicles onto your scalp to create a close shaved look. Check out Head Federation for more.


Dr. Sara


Dr. Sara Kotai is the founder and director of men’s aesthetic clinic, Man Cave Sydney. Make an appointment with her or one of her team at this link



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