Men’s accessories: Degs & Sal

To put clothes on your back is one thing, to complete the look is another.

Men have a tendency to work to the bare minimum and for no reason should they. Accessories complete the look, enhance anyone’s style and work their magic in keeping an outfit look polished, finished and styled in an individual’s own way.

Degs & Sal is a men’s accessory brand with an aim of doing just that. Made with unique materials not found in too many places, striking colours and slight, impactful styles, the Degs & Sal aesthetic is one of a masculine edge with a lick of individuality, complementing to any outfit.

Men need accessories, wrists aren’t out-of-bounds, so therefore, we enjoy…

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4 Responses to “Men’s accessories: Degs & Sal”
  1. Steve Saw says:

    Do not order from these jokers! I placed an order on July 24th, from their online store, waited about two weeks, still had not received the item so contacted them and they told me it had been shipped but and I quote “Once it is shipped out, it is no longer in our ability to further ensure it arrives as planned.” Waited a few more days, still didn’t arrive, so asked for a refund. Still waiting on that! The latest from one of the co-founders. Apparently they are all about customer satisfaction. What a joke! “Here at Degs & Sal we’re all about customer satisfaction, I saw the negative comments you posted on The Fancy and Facebook if you can take those comments down I will be happy to send out your replacement item first thing in the morning.” “I am trying to satisfy you but your aren’t being compliant.”

  2. James Banham says:

    Eek that sucks man. Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience in customer service. Hopefully none of their other customers have such issues!