Melbourne: The land of in-between

There’s no group of people more Melbourne-centric than those that live here. Makes sense.

It’s always great to see the city as a whole put so much energy into promoting what makes Melbourne the place it is. The City of Melbourne has just launched a new campaign entitled Visit the land of inbetween, whereby they encourage Melburnians and visitors to the city to look around, take more of the city in, observe the laneways and discover the vast in-between space that the city has dotted around between buildings and behind restaurants. After all, that’s what makes Melbourne the fabulous hidden place it is.

They say that it’s the unexpected moments that make Melbourne such a unique city. It’s special moments from a hot chocolate in a hidden café to late night crepes; from festivals and theatre to great fashion; from walks along the Yarra River to a glass of wine in one of our atmospheric laneways, the magic of the city lies in the chance encounters that happen along the way. It’s a cute little idea.

The Visit the Land of Inbetween campaign has already hit the streets and screens of Melbourne, with a range of advertising including print, outdoor, online and social media all to encourage Melburnians and visitors to find their own Melbourne moments.

They’ve made a dedicated microsite where photos and stories can be uploaded and shared throughout the coming months. See it here.


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