The Melbourne Magnum Pleasure Store

Melbourne Magnum Pleasure store photos by Lucas Dawson  (4)

Complete with its own army of aptly named Pleasure Makers (not what you’re thinking), the well-known and loved Magnum ice-cream business has hit Melbourne with its latest and greatest initiative, the Melbourne Magnum Pleasure Store.

I was lucky and fortunate enough to experience the awesomeness first-hand in Melbourne at the city’s newest retail destination the Emporium Melbourne, where Magnum has taken centre-stage on level 1 of the shopping mecca to pay homage to its ice creams and put the power of the flavour back into the hands of the people.

Having been around the world to the likes of New York City, Milan, Shanghai and Sydney, Magnum Melbourne offers its pleasure seekers (customers) an indulgent make-your-own Magnum experience, bringing the excitement of experimentation to its product and allowing people’s creativity and greedier sides, to shine.

Complete with a bar of 18 different toppings and additions to add to any ice cream base of traditional vanilla or chocolate truffle ice cream, the sweet tooth takes charge as customers watch their deliciously crafted guilt-fest come to life right in front of them around the specially-created Magnum pleasure centre.

The Melbourne Magnum Pleasure Store is open til 10 August 2014 and can be found at Melbourne’s Emporium shopping centre.

Melbourne Magnum Pleasure Store - THE F - 1

Melbourne Magnum Pleasure Store - THE F - 3

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