Pieces of Victoria Rone Silos 1

Melbourne artist “Rone” paints portraits on grain silos in the Mallee

When thinking of farms, few things like animals and corn fields come to mind instantaneously.

Visually, one thing commonly found on farm lands are those giant grain silos. You see them when driving through the countryside, sticking out like sore thumbs in otherwise very flat lands.

The street art community is a grassroots movement that was born from inside the city. Because most of us grew up in the urban environment, we tend to be disconnected from the roots that feed the nation which come from little known hard working farmers. We don’t know their names or what they look like or really anything about them but these people have been feeding us all our lives.

A few world class artists have taken the task of paying homage to the hard working people of these remote farm areas. It all starts with some paint markers and simple sketches but the result of this project are giant murals of locals on tall grain silos that can be seen from kilometers away. One of those artists is Melbourne’s Rone, who rocked two thirty meter high silos with portraits of Geoff and Merrilyn Horman from Lascelles, a town with a population of only 48 people. Married since 1967, with the help of their two sons, they have been keeping the wheat farming tradition in the area. The family has been doing so for four generations which makes them a perfect representation of area.

The monochrome portraits are venerating the true superheroes of our society. These are the people who work extremely hard to feed the population and never get any props for it. It’s nice to see this art in its own element on the farmlands rather than a downtown building. These areas have very strong but dwindling communities with people leaving the old farm lifestyle to pursue careers in the big city. This is where it matters, right in the hometown where the neighbors and grandkids can see it and be extremely proud of these important pillars of their community.

Perhaps this impressive series of painted silos will get more people from the city visiting the area. There is so much to see and real people to meet. The project is spread over the five following towns: Brim, Sheep Hills, Patchewollock, Rupanyup and a final one in Rosebery. If ever you are close to these towns, it’s definitely worth the little detour to check out these unique murals that are not only beautiful but also very meaningful.

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