Meet Nunzio Miano

As we go into the warmer months, two questions stare us right in the face…

How will I get my beach body ready, and in time, and how will I dress?

When I heard about a new Australian swimwear brand, Nunzio Miano, that at least addresses one of those riddles, I got a bit excited. Normally I’m not much one for speedos as they leave nothing to the imagination and you’re generally expected to be muscular and for all intents and purposes, hot, but these are great quality swimwear with a great quality story.

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How easily does ‘Italian style’ and design translate into items of clothing so small, like swimwear?

It’s such a natural combination for me. I’ve always had such an appreciation of my Italian ancestors’ achievements in everything art and design and that’s what really inspired me to become a designer. For me personally, swimwear and Italian style is a way of life. Wearing a hot swimsuit while watching the sun go down in the Mediterranean sea, is the closest thing to heaven.

How does the Nunzio Miano production process set the brand apart from competitors?

The process starts with creating a swimsuit that is the perfect fit. We made sure that the elasticity is perfect around the legs and bum, yet comfortable to wear. Then I create unique limited edition prints for each swimsuit, which is never repeated. Each design goes through a number of rounds of refinements until I am happy with the fit, print quality and overall production.

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What is the total number of items you create in each line of a collection? Why?

I create a really limited quantity of each design. Why? Well I’m really anti-mass production, I love having unique items of clothing; and how embarrassing to be at the beach in Capri and have the same swimsuit as someone else. Can you imagine?

Other than ‘Italian inspired’, where do you get the influence for the pieces that make up any part of your resortwear collections?

Well as you said ‘Italian inspired’ is a huge part of it. The 60’s and 70’s Italy is a major influence. I have memories of being on the beach as a kid and my dad wearing the coolest swimsuits. My influences come from everywhere. From random dreams to iconography and hieroglyphics, to seeing colour combinations in nature, which make me feel good. It’s just random and depends on my mood and energy. Right now the beautiful magnolia’s blooming in my garden are getting me excited.

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It’s a bit of a social faux pas for a man to wear nothing but speedos at the beach. How has Nunzio Miano been received in the Australian market?

Yes it’s weird that it is a social faux pas in certain parts of the world isn’t it? I feel like that’s come from men’s insecurities and not being proud of their bodies. Why not celebrate your body rather than covering it up? Personally I didn’t wear brief swimsuits until about ten years ago. I just wasn’t confident and grew up as a shy child always hiding away. But when I finally did wear them, I felt proud and more comfortable within myself. I actually remember being on a beach in Greece and everyone was obviously in brief swimsuits except for a couple of board short wearing guys. They really stood out. I’ve been surprised at how many sales I’ve had in Australia. So hopefully it’s changing.

Tell us why you make the pieces of clothing you do out of the fabrics you do.

Why do I make swimwear? Because I’m obsessed by what it represents. Sun, beach, cocktails, music, that’s what wearing one of my swimsuits is all about. I’ve experimented with a  few fabrics and it’s always a constant matter of refining and trying new things. I’m testing some fabrics for shorts at the moment, but still perfecting as we go. Shorts are coming along with some other exciting products, but you wont see them until they are perfect. Watch this space.

See the Nunzio Miano collection at

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