Grab Dinner In Melbourne By The Balls

“Eat your balls!” she shrieked as her friends around the table exploded with laughter.

It wasn’t the most common of things to hear exclaimed across a restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD on a casual night out, but it really put into perspective exactly the place that serves-up some of the most tantalising and affordable meals the city has to offer.

The Meatball and Wine Bar in Melbourne is one to visit. Three restaurants populate its modest, but massively successful Melburnian bubble that really force a shift of focus onto balls and how you like yours.

Irreverent, delicious, diverse and urban, the Meatball and Wine Bar restaurants are trendy and mood-lit, their menu casual, yet refined and their staff much the same.

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They’re known for their playful take on round food and the quality ingredients with which they’re made.

What is the most fabulous piece of news about the Meatball & Wine Bar is that the guy behind it, Matteo Bruno is inspired by his mother’s heritage in Venice, matched with a wine list inspired by his father’s in Piedmont. The wine list is extensive, exotic and Italian; making for a vino experience you mightn’t find in many other venues. The bar staff know everything about each drop, so if you’re hesitant; feel free to ask.

Meanwhile, Matteo makes sure every ball that is served is nothing less than spectacular, well-versed in its pedigree and history. The wait staff are all too well-versed in the menu and all the knowledge you need within its limited, but delicious pages to ensure your meal is well worth every bite.

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The charcuterie board sports sourdough and enough cured meats to constitute a meal – nothing says ‘Italian’ quite like over eating, after all! – before you’ve even tucked into mains. Go feeling empty.

The restaurant’s city balls establishment was the first of the three in Melbourne that span a healthy portion of the Melburnian southeast spread. From the first on Flinders Lane in central Melbourne to the large corner establishment in Richmond, the Meatball & Wine Bar has picked some prime location. Its third restaurant can be found in Collingwood.

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