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McDonald’s and Monopoly are making sweet nostalgia together

Remember those rainy days, stuck at home as a kid? The family all around and before the days mobile phones, Netflix and DVDs came along and turned us all into digital-addicted vegetables?

They were nicer days.

McDonalds Monopoly tokens board games 1

And now thanks in large part to McDonald’s and Monopoly, they’re back with something a little more unique to offer.

Celebrating the return of the Monopoly Game in restaurants, Macca’s has put its own twist on the world’s favourite family board game and released eight limited edition game tokens based on favourite Macca’s menu items. They’re pretty cute.

Big fans of the game can now opt to be a Big Mac, advance a Chicken McNugget to Go or play as a Hash Brown.

You can win your own here.

McDonalds Monopoly tokens board games 2


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