MBFWA Day Two – Jayson Brunsdon

Australia’s favourite Jayson Brunsdon is never an unfamiliar face in the fashion world. It doesn’t come as a surprise given he’s been around for over 25 years and worked in a wide smack of jobs from illustration right through to design.

It’s his wide and varied experience and areas of expertise that make the man an ideal designer oh so in tune with the feminine form and what makes it sing.

Having recently opened into online retail with GlamCorner, it’s exciting times for Brunsdon whose collection harked back to the more muted days of feminine dress, addicted to modest covering-the-legs A-line pieces with enough flow and drape to billow in the breeze of a demure gait.

Brunsdon’s knee-length pencil skirts were a noticeable key feature of the collection, brought only even more to life by the strategic and tremendously elegant inclusion of metallic printed embellishment in Baroque style that effortlessly caught the light from every angle. Spectacular.

With fabrics such as silk and what seemed to be silk cotton, the designer’s pieces flatter the female figure and work seamlessly with the predominantly black and white monochromatic colour palette of the overall collection that was punctuated beautifully by muted spring colours in pastel and vivid reds.

“ A modern twist on classic elegance and sophisticated femininity form the recurring themes to my work. The label appeals to women who take an emotive pleasure in a feeling for retro glamour with a whiff of whimsical post modern chic”

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