MBFWA Day One – Aurelio Costarella

Perth’s saving grace of national fashion, Aurelio Costarella’s exhibition at MBFWA was slightly different to the ways he’d previous displayed his work.

Stationary models posed for cameras atop pristine boxes, bringing attention to their shape and the shape of Costarella’s work.

Namely safe colours and minimal embellishment made-up most of the designer’s work, with a very distinct trend toward front fringing and draping; some of which worked in adding character to each piece.

Fabrics such as cotton, what seemed to be silk and tulle made the collection’s overall look muted but with attitude and a sense of presentation that both sought attention and pushed it away at the same time.

With a definite nod toward Greek influences and inspirations from the Meditteranean, shoulder draping and flaring from the waist down were noticeably feminine in their silhouette and structure, adding feminine shape and figure to essentially every piece.

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