Why the Mazda Opera in the Domain Sydney is the ideal night out

There aren’t many version of stage performance in Australia or the world for that matter that combines everything that’s good about music and puts it all into one.


That is except for the Mazda Opera in the Domain in Sydney, a stellar showcase of not only the skill of Opera Australia‘s wide and varied talent, but a stunning show of appreciation for what it means to have true vocal skill.

In a one-night-only massive-scale performance, Opera Australia puts on a free show for the public that celebrates the world’s greatest arias and creative output from the world’s oldest composers.


With the backing of the incredibly talented Opera Australia orchestra and the lead of Opera Australia tenor Simon Kim, barritone Michael Honeyman, soprano Lorina Gore and Mezzo soprano Sian Pendry, the performance is a rousing and seriously encapsulating explosion of music, colour and sound right in the heart of Sydney.

Classics such a the flutteringly delicate and eternally relatable Siempre libera (free forever) from La Traviata by Lorina Gore stole the stage, alongside the ultimate duet of masculine submission to love by Kim and Honeyman, Au fond du temple saint from the warming Les pêcheurs de perles (The Pearlfishers). Newcomer to the Mazda Opera in the Domain stage Simon Kim took-on the tenor position and blew it well-and-truly out of the water, by performing possibly one of the most well-known arias from TurandotNessun Dorma (no one will sleep).


In fact, so well-known it is and so well-received it was, he turned out a double coda toward the end, belting out that high-C that the artistic director of Opera Australia, Lyndon Terracini, and the thousands of Sydneysiders present, just never seem to be able to get enough of. Watch the song below as it was performed in the Handa Opera on the Harbour performance of Turnadot in 2017, below…

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