Matcho Suba’s Last Supper with Petra

The Last Supper with Petra 4

With enough religious connotation to make even the most strong of non-believer’s ears prick-up, Melbourne designer Matcho Suba launched to the market his second collection, inspired by a deep-set emotional journey none would be quite so familiar with.

Influenced by the passing of his cousin in Slovakia, Petra; the woman who introduced Suba to fashion and garmentry, the collection is the physical embodiment of the emotional journey he went through shortly after hearing the news.

Suba is no stranger to playing his idiosyncrasies to his benefit. His unique eye and talent coupled with the inclusion of a range of unique and luxurious fabrics has seen his work received incredibly around Melbourne and Sydney, with extensions to some of the fashion capitals of the world.

Typical leathers, silks and sheer fabrics have been sculpted into feminine silhouettes, structuring and simultaneously draping the female figure into a flattering display of masterful fabric manoeuvring and creative vision.

With a combination of figure hugging dresses, peplum pieces and fringing, slashing and Suba’s signature gold pearls, the collection pays a holy homage to Suba’s identifying and inimitable style.

Taking the Matcho Suba name to the next level, Suba toned down the shock value of his pieces – standard in previous collections – to show a hint of natural maturation and evolution into a more saleable market and commercial advancement.

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