Matcho Suba: just add wine

By Holly Thomas.

The first day of spring rained down on the Arts Centre and in true Melbourne fashion, the weather was as unpredictable as ever. Despite the wet weather, Yarrabank in conjunction with the Arts Centre Melbourne and Melburnian fashion designer Matcho Suba pulled out all of the stops with a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds with Blend: When Sparkling Wine and Fashion Combine.

This decadent event was a true fusion of fashion and wine, with Yarrabank Wines delving deep into their vaults to produce an enchanting array of wines from Red to White and everything in-between including a sweet Moscato and a pink Rose. Each wine was perfectly paired with a delicious canapé and stunning freshly designed piece from designer Matcho Suba. Due to make his runway debut at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, the designer was approached with 6 wines and canapé’s and subsequently created matching pieces for the collaboration.

To mark the collaboration, each wine was presented to guests in a test tube to represent the fusion between the designer and the handpicked wines. The idea that this collaboration had been cooked up in a laboratory somewhere really added to the unique feel of the evening and the test tubes proved to be a firm favourite. My personal favourite Matcho Suba piece of the evening was without a doubt, the Niagra Dress. This piece was matched with Yarrabank’s sweet pink Crème de Cuvee and accompanied with a classic Italian cannoli to match the strawberry flavors of this sparkling wine – an absolute winner for a bubbles drinking sweet tooth like me!

Despite the rain, the party lasted late into the night, the decadent marque kept guests dry whilst the DJ and a stunning performance from Chunky Moves provided entertainment. The evening was a fantastic kick start to the spring season and I look forward to seeing Matchsuba’s runway debut.

Matcho Suba Blend Melbourne Arts Centre 1

Matcho Suba Blend Melbourne Arts Centre 6

Matcho Suba Blend Melbourne Arts Centre 5

Matcho Suba Blend Melbourne Arts Centre 3

Matcho Suba Blend Melbourne Arts Centre 2

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