Send Mason Baker Cake Jars Because Nobody Wants To Eat Flowers

Next time you need to send flowers to someone for a celebration, or declaration; think again.

Why? Because there are other options out there, of course.

Like… little jars of sweet, lovingly devised and masterfully baked cake from The Mason Baker, for example, that are precisely 975% better than flowers*.

Hailing from Brisbane, James Willis – the guy behind the cakes – wanted to create something unique ??, delicious ??, cute ?? and creative??; all of which he managed to do.

Enlisting the help of Philip Johnson, chef and fellow-cake lover who’s earned the title of Head Flavour Guru, cake jars from The Mason Baker come sealed and deliverable to all Australia. They’re jars of stacked cakey goodness in a range of adventurous  flavours with truly decadent and rich icing and cake rounds that basically blow all floristry out of the water.

See more at their website here.

*Not an actual figure.






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