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Why Marley Spoon will change the way you eat forever

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who like cooking food and those who do not like cooking food. Which one you are says a lot about you and for years has divided ‘foodies’ from their counterparts, but now, things are changing.

Marley Spoon has taken it upon themselves to make cooking not only easy – for those who hate it – but more accessible with a gourmet and flavoursome side that means the more gastronomic of food lovers out there who enjoy cooking can still get their kicks.

Couple cooking together. Man is seasoning Duck breast before cooking it.

How’s it possible?

They’re a no-fuss food delivery service that pumps out menu option-after-menu-option, comprised of fresh ingredients with recipes cooked-up by the Marley Spoon chefs who know how to make a good meal. They package it all complete with a recipe card, so even the most inept kitchen apprentice can give it a go with the basic assurance they’ll eat something without fail.

Marley Spoon have kind of taken the big push to home cooking, a love for food (good food, at that!) and the fact it can so easily bring people together that started some nine years ago (with the first episode of Masterchef) and made it their own. By offering quality ingredients that they make easily accessible by doing the shopping for you, packaging it up in a pretty brown paper bag and cooling packaging, food and more importantly eating well has again become a simple concept, worthy of a family, singleton or group of friends.

They refresh their recipes each week, here, and have a range of subscription offers for anyone, here. Try them once; you never know!



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