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Go Mardi Gras mad this year with a special deal at QT Sydney

Mardi Gras is upon us and it’s about to turn up!

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The glitter has been bought, heels tight tight, jockstraps sold-out and gays and lesbians out in full force in Sydney and the country to celebrate the national day of pride, inclusivity, equal rights, recognition and homage to those who’ve been and gone and who’re still to come in the LBGTIQ world. Sp, if you’re in Sydney and looking for an escape, or making the trek to the mecca of gayness that is Sydney, you’ll need somewhere to stay.

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QT Sydney Mardi Gras room THE F 1

The QT Hotel Sydney has a very special offer for Mardi Gras goers from all walks that means for $695, the hotel’s offering gay-loving guests all the things:

  • Executive Room for Mardi Gras partygoers
  • Bespoke Mardi Gras themed cocktail
  • Two Official Mardi Gras After Party tickets
  • Two Belvedere Laneway Party tickets
  • Late 2pm check-out
And just in case that’s not enough, they’re really honing-in on the traditional gay men’s mainstays in their cocktails menu, by inviting the likes of George Michael, Kylie Minogue, Madonna and Cher to the party, too for one night only.
‘George Michael Hot and Dirty Martini’ with Grey Goose Vodka infused with olive juice, orange bitters and chilli stuffed olive
Kylie Cosmopolitan Martini’ featuring a combination of One Citroen, Solerno blood orange liqueur, fresh lime, cranberry juice and a dash of sparkling Rose with a twist of lemon
‘Madge Martini’ with Absolut Raspberry Vodka, fresh lemon, sugar syrup, fresh raspberries and a touch of mint
Cher Pornstar Martini’ with Finlandia Grapefruit Vodka, fresh lime, passionfruit puree, vanilla sugar syrup and a dash of egg white

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