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COMA Gallery’s latest exhibition by Marc Horowitz will move you

Sydney is littered with such a fruitful art scene, hosting numerous galleries in a perfect inner-west proximity, that a crawl through some of the finest contemporary creations can be indulged instead of pubs from time to time.

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Among them stands COMA, a space with walls bleached so white to ensure you’re not distracted from the colourful personalities and pictures that ornament the facade. Some would label it a breeding ground for contemporary domestic and international art to feature and flourish among friendly crowds.

Others, including yours truly, would say it’s the latest melting pot of culture, curatorial excellence and complete wonder.

Having recently attended the gallery’s exclusive exhibition of contemporary artist Mark Horwitz with a fellow art lover and dear friend, among the brilliant portraiture, we were immersed in a realm of humble ingenuity and unequivocal magic.

If there’s one thing COMA does to set itself apart, it’s create a world where art is not merely a voyeuristic experience, where an omniscient narrator attempts to decode the delicate strokes and struggles of the artist.

It’s a gallery that intends to ignite the senses.

Marc Horowitz COMA 2

Owner and art sophisto (sans the pompous attitude that typically accompanies that title), Soti took us into the back end of the gallery where we saw a makeshift kitchen, smelt the lingering scent of cigarette smoke permeating from the outdoor area and felt a hoard of artworks greet us.

“Touch it” he said, pointing at a canvas. Something hesitant stirred within me, manifesting in a perplexed expression on my face. Years of suit clad art guards triggered at the sight of a student standing within a two metre radius of a portrait had clearly scarred me for life as I refrained from accepting his invitation.

“Touch the canvas, it’s okay” he beckoned.

Running a hand across the portrait that could only be depicting the perils of a psychedelic state of mind, I was greeted with the comforting embrace of velvet. Caressing the lines of my palm, COMA gallery broke the red tape that strangles normal galleries, allowing a unique connection between art viewer and creator, enigma and understanding to facilitate.

With an aspiration to ‘create a culture of quality’, COMA encapsulates the crux of contemporary art: broken boundaries, dynamic works and intoxicating experiences one can only receive from a gallery as intimate as it is impassioned in the craft.

Exhibiting emerging and established artists alike, it looks like Bayswater Road got a fresh new cultural injection into the blue-blooded stream of sophistication in its midst.


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