Why Sydney’s Man Cave Aesthetic Clinic Is Worth A Visit

They’re few and far between, but the phenomenon of the men’s grooming clinic is becoming more-and-more commonplace that – at least in Sydney – they’re more easily found in the nooks and crannies of the city’s CBD. Man Cave Sydney is one such men’s grooming clinic that has capitalised on the burgeoning demand that men have to look good and feel great about themselves, offering something unique for the more discerning gent.

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Man Cave was founded by Dr. Sara Kotai (MBSS), a trained medical professional with a very obvious passion for her work. Her appreciation for the advancements in technologies that make things like body sculpting and facial enhancement possible, as well as other complementary services that men pretty badly need, mean that her work is one of love, not just existence and that shows in so many more ways than one at her first and only (at the moment) clinic right in the heart of Sydney.

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Black matte boiserie cover the Man Cave walls. It immediately darkens the room, letting light play off the walls and leather furnishings, giving the room a distinctly gentlemanly feel with luxe finishings. A whiskey tray with low ball tumblers next to a grammarphone sit on one side while Lumira candles flicker throughout the foyer and consultation room. It’s intimate, but as a man walking into a gentleman’s aesthetic clinic,  you feel at home.

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Most of the clinic’s staff are women. They make you feel comfortable, their touch is soft and facials are amongst the best on offer (relaxing!). The whole team are comprised of dermal technicians with interesting and varied backgrounds meaning they know their stuff and how to get you the results either in, on or around your face and body to get you looking the best you can.

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Whether it’s cool sculpting/fat freezing (a non-invasive liposuction alternative), botox – for anti-wrinkle attempts or sweat problems – or a cleansing and relaxing dermal work-over with organic-but-affective Dr. Spiller products, Man Cave serves the purpose of keeping dudes in-check. I recommend a visit: suss it out with a facial scrub, return for an all over laser hair reduction! Up to you, but rest assured everything is seamless, painless, pleasantly-fragranced and professional. Enjoyable!

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