Man Cave Sydney’s Dr. Sara Kotai Joins THE F As Grooming Expert

It’s not often an industry expert forfeits parts of their busy schedule to impart their knowledge upon the hordes of men who’ve got no idea about body awareness or self grooming… Well, that has now officially changed, thanks to THE F.

Welcome to the team, Dr. Sara Kotai of Man Cave Sydney. She’s a career-dedicated men’s grooming and body treatment specialist who’s made it her life’s work to understand the male physique and body, addressing the elements of it that bother men to their core. Be it anything from hair concerns, fine lines and wrinkles to excess anything on the body, she’s turned her passion into her life’s work. The Doctor tailors her services to the needs of clients around the world and addresses their clinical requirements in comfort, confidentiality and of course, style.

Dr. Sara owns and operates Sydney and Australia’s first male-focused grooming clinic, not salo:Man Cave Sydney. It’s a place in the heart of Sydney that is purposed for and dedicated to the reinvigoration of men and the recreation of their own personal outlook. By offering services as simple as facials, to those more advanced as cool sculpting (a less invasive version of liposuction), Man Cave Sydney and Dr. Sara are leading the charge in a new wave of personal style and grooming for the next generations of men.

We’re fortunate enough to now work with the good Doctor whose years of practise and knowledge will come to you through her words on our pages.

Welcome to the team, Dr. Sara.

Dr. Sara Kotai Man Cave Sydney Laser hair Removal, THE F




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