Maison Matrin Margiela SS14

The dishevelled look featured prominently amongst burst of solid black, white and grey hues. With deliberate draping and a notable slack look, Margiela’s composition for the more casual wearer couldn’t be avoided.

Slight detailing, translucent fabric and a soft injection of printed smatterings, the collection features a cool rocker’s edge for the more delicately confident gent.

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Margiela 1

Margiela 2

Margiela 3

Margiela 4

Margiela 5

Margiela 6

Margiela 7

Margiela 8

Margiela 9

Margiela 11

Margiela 12

Margiela 13

Margiela 14

Margiela 15

Margiela 16 Margiela 17

Margiela 18

Margiela 19

Margiela 20


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