Who is Luis Tan?

If you know Sydney, you know Bondi. And if you know Bondi, prepare to soon know Luis Tan.

He’s new to the block, got some cool vibe about him and is run by a bunch of Sydney guys whose passion for ‘cool’, love for food and want to create the next big thing saw them join forces to bring to Sydney a new concept altogether.

What they came up with was an establishment that touts a South American-meets-Asian restaurant and bar, fine for the Bondi lifestyle and perfect for the flavour palette.

The 120-seat venue is the result of a collaboration between Raul Gonalez, Shane Moran, Nathan Joliffe and Ryan Ginns, a group of men with notable credentials. They created the Luis Tan character and built the brand around it from the back story, to the menu development ro the eclectic furnishings and unique design elements.

We had a chat with Raul Gonzalez on the new venture…

Luis Tan Bondi, THE F 3

How exciting is it to be launching a new venture in a part of Sydney like Bondi?

It’s very exciting. We had been looking for a venue in Bondi for over a year now and finally found the right spot for what we want to offer to people. Bondi is where all the partners live which makes us want to succeed even more as it’s our backyard.

The team bring a great many range of things to the table that is going to be an exciting new adventure for all of us together.

Bondi is renowned for its healthy menu options and its lifestyle. How will Luis Tan slip into this easily?

We took that into consideration when designing the menu with our head chef Alejandro Franco Lancini. A lot of our dishes are designed to share and a large selection of them are gluten free and also vegetarian. Staying true to the Bondi element, we even have three dishes that are designed for vegans.

How do you expect Sydney to respond to a new concept like Luis Tan?

Since opening earlier this month, we’re now in only our second week of trade and so far the response has been amazing. The food and drinks have been getting great reviews and we have been getting amazing feedback from customers. Something unique and innovating people always want to try out and see so far the product has delivered.

Where do the menu and its option ideas come from?

A group of us initially had the idea of creating a strictly Peruvian and Japanese venue. A few others had thought of fusing Mexican and Chinese flavours, so instead we found equal ground and made it a little bit more wide, although the story is a lot more Peruvian and Japanese. We then found our head chef who has a Venezuelan background and he nailed the rest for us.

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Luis Tan Bondi Food, THE F 1

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Luis Tan Bondi Food, THE F 2 Luis Tan Bondi, THE F 3

Luis Tan Bondi Food, THE F 3

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Luis Tan Bondi Food, THE F 4


Luis Tan Bondi Food, THE F 5

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