Low Carb Super Bun by Grill’d

Did you know that two in three Aussies have tried a specific diet or cleanse before? That’s a lot of will power.

Did you also know they didn’t need to? Well, not now, anyway thanks in large part to leading healthy burger expert, Grill’d.

Grill’d is kind of leading the way by introducing new and healthier options for those who’re enticed by the idea of some serious delicious burger-eating, but are too nervous about their scale readings to take the bite. 

To mark their tenth birthday and in an Australian restaurant first, Grill’d, , have introduced a new Low Carb ‘SuperBun’ that allows all of their burgers to now be available as a genuine low-carb option, complete with a nutritional profile and the magic of allowing those waist-watchers the joy of top-quality burger enjoyment.

The Low Carb SuperBun makes all Grill’d burgers containless than 10% carbohydrates per 100g – which they say actually beats a single sushi hand roll in the ‘carb’ stakes – this ‘next generation’ of burgers is the perfect alternative to their top notch Traditional, Panini and Gluten Free buns, suitable for those on a paleo diet, watching their carb in-take or anyone who is avoiding gluten, grains or, dairy. That’s not me, but I love the idea of eating something that isn’t going to do me bad.

The funniest thing about carbs and food – especially when you factor-in dieters who cut the carb from everything they eat – is that according to some research undertaken by the guys at Grill’d, 1-in-4 people didn’t know what a ‘carb’ actually is, and less than 39% of those surveyed lasted two weeks on the diet. That’s why something like this from Grill’d is so awesome, it cuts out the worry-work from every dieter’s list!

The new Grill’d Low Carb SuperBun contains a nice all natural ingredients-base with things like organic coconut cream, almond meal, psyllium husk and raw honey and like the rest of the traditional range of Grill’d, the buns contain no added sugar making it a far healthier choice when compared to other restaurant group’s brioche burger buns.

The burgers can be found in your local Grill’d restaurants now


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