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Birthday celebrations are in order: Lot.1 turned one

A year ago, York St’s illusive and exclusive underground bar scene was graced with a new addition, Lot.1.

Boasting an impressive twist on Italian cuisine and ethos of indulgence permeating through the premises, Lot.1 stood out among the opulent dining options in Sydney’s CBD, with an aura of accessibility and a humble staff united in their passion for food and fun.

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Lot.1 should not be likened to its neighbouring ‘secret’ bars and subtle underground venues that typify it’s York Street location.

It is not the kind of ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ venue that often ornaments York Street. Effervescent purple hues filter into your eyes, and instantly entices you to enter. They got that right from the outset.

Partitioned into two separate entrances, and connected by an underground trail combining a dance floor and several additional ‘hydration’ stations, it is the kind of venue you want to stroll through, indulging in the extensive wine menu at each bend, and sampling the carefully curated Italian dishes.

Providing a map to every guest upon entrance, Lot.1 celebrated its first year since opening with an internalised bar crawl, that allowed guests to admire every element of the incredible complex and diverse establishment has to offer.

With champagne on arrival, entrees and appetisers greeted guests in the first dining room of the venue, while the ensuing serving of sparkling wine made descending the spiralling staircase all the more challenging.

Drink options were varied and diverse across the two bars that encircled the dance floor, and upon resurfacing to the opposite side of the venue, a charcuterie-cheese platter adorned the endlessly long bar top. Each inch of the surface was covered in an array of designer cheeses, cold cuts, dips and, more importantly, countless dessert options.

But titillating atmosphere and tantalising gastronomy aside, Lot.1 hosts the kind of parties that one can only hope becomes an annual tradition. The evening of festivities could only leave us wishing a very Happy Birthday to Lot.1.

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