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When it comes to dressing men, the devil’s in the details.

Things like pocket squares, tie pins and bars, lapel pins and cufflinks were once considered old hat by those too nervous or conservative to embrace the tradition, but now more and more it seems like those who aren’t wearing it are the odd ones out.

Meet FLII (pronounced ‘fly’), a newcomer to the men’s accessory market whose inimitable little men’s lapel pins and coordinated pocket squares are an awesome option for those who aren’t afraid of adventure.

One of the co-founders, Dalemy Ang went into creating these little gems as an offshoot of his own experiences of dissatisfaction when he went shopping for things to jazz up his own outfits. He knew there was a gap in the market, so jumped on it.

With a desire to bring options to the wardrobes of men and an added style to some of the most basic shoppers’ appetites, FLII is about expressing individuality through style for those who want to express with something different.

To be or look FLII is to look suave, sophisticated and edgy with a masculine style and  flair. This is what FLII aims to bring to men’s style in 2014 and beyond, by bringing their in-house designed and manufactured lapel pins and pocket squares to the market.

FLII hits the spot. 

See their full range at facebook.com/FliiAU 


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  1. Looking good,

    Classy and fun, could work with some novelty cufflinks :p
    Here’s my website, we’re an Aussie business: http://www.cuffyshop.com.au