LMFF Sportsgirlf National Graduate Showcase

I’ve always loved graduate designers.

They’re raw, talented, creative and untouched by commercial bastardry. All of these things in turn, coupled with their untapped and still largely developing creative spirit makes them one of the best wells of fashion design talent the city and country has to offer.

They’re the future.

The L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival shares my passion and so diverts part of its large funding to celebrating and promoting the graduate skills that this city and country have to offer.

The Sportsgirl National Graduate Showcase presents 12 fashion graduates in a celebration of emerging Australian design talent. They’ve been handpicked from renowned design institutions and universities across the country.

They are:

Bernadette Francis, RMIT University
Cesar Chehade, RMIT University
Courtney Holm, University of Technology Sydney
Hayley Elsaesser, Queensland University of Technology
Jack Hancock, RMIT University
Kara Liu, RMIT University
Karen Yang, University of Technology Sydney
Koren Wheatley, Queensland University of Technology
Kathleen Choo, University of Technology Sydney
Monique White, Queensland University of Technology
Natasha Fagg, RMIT University
Nixi Killick, RMIT University

See below for a great photographic display of their work thanks to the skills of Jennifer Estrada of Mirar PR.

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