LMFF: Raw By Raw

As part of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Cultural Program, the showcase of design collection Raw By Raw took to the runway set-up in the back room of one of Melbourne’s converted bank-come-restaurant set-ups at The Trust.

Presented by FJORDE Magazine, Raw By Raw was said to introduce a premium collection of tailored and layered pieces to effortlessly create a stylish winter wardrobe.

Some pieces were bang-on. Others not so much.

With a palette of colour choices – and their combinations – unique at best for the winter season and an array of layering in a unique and interesting way all the while atop models legs enshrouded in nothing more than leggings-as-pants with forever enticing (not) pleather panelling, the show featured some eyebrow-raising pieces styled in an even more eyebrow raising fashion to achieve Melbourne-appropriate winter looks.

Soft draping throughout most dresses, tops and jackets stuck truthfully to the Melburnian aesthetic; a redeeming feature of the collection.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Estrada.

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