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How To Live More And Do More In Life With The New Citi Mobile App

You know how you can very easily coast through life without reaping the full benefits of each day, before all-of-a-sudden you come-to and realise a year has flashed-by?

Yep, that sucks.

Well now, there’s a way to eliminate that hardship and suckiness of life by maximising each and every day that means you can do more living and less life admin, thanks to Citi. Their new app, the Citi Mobile App means you can get and stay on top of your financial boredom, while you’re out and about, at work or spending your weekend doing things you’d rather be doing.

That’s the dream!

With an app that targets life and offers many ways of capitalising on the many free moments you have throughout any given day, the app rewards you for its use by giving you all the benefits you’d need.

Score free bottles of wine at any of Citi’s partner restaurants when you dine with the Citibank Dining Program. Accumulate all the points to redeem for things you actually want like clothes, jewellery, electronics and more with the Citi Rewards Program and, of course, master life with the Citi Mobile App.

It has four key features that improve productivity and benefit connectivity. Its push notifications help you stay on top of transactions and payments, while also providing you with the ability to instantly activate debit and credit cards on the move. In addition, you can check credit card transactions in real time and stay on top of spending and a touch ID ability for iPhone users to make everyday banking faster and simpler.

Gone are the days of wasting money!

If you are a Citi customer, or looking for a new bank to handle your life and keep you more on top of it, check the app out here.







This post was sponsored by Citi, but opinions are our own. 

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