Limedrop’s Flagship Turns One

Colourful.  Playful.  Edgy.  Ethical.  Melbourne-based.  Combine these adjectives and look no farther than Limedrop, a label that has quickly established itself as one of Australia’s leading fashion brands. What better way to celebrate than holding a birthday celebration at their first permanent store on the ground level of Nicholas Building on Swanston.

Well-known in the Melbourne scene for its neon colours, geometric patterns and daring designs, the first anniversary of Limedrop was evidently a success from the first pop of Paul Louis champagne.  People squished together, quite cheerfully, to check out and purchase the new Limedrop nail-polish range.  You could even pass by the nail sisters at the art salon to get your nails freshly painted like a canvas.  You also had the piece of mind the polish on your nails is nasty chemical free and not tested on animals – a rare asset in beauty these days.

But it wasn’t just the Paul Louis champagne and the super rad nail art.  It’s the story behind Limedrop which is truly intriguing.

Kind of unconventional and quirky, Limedrop is a bit different to your usual mould of labels.  After six years of pop-up stores and eight years of trading/designing, the store oozes dreaminess and inspiration.

Clea Garrick, the women behind the successful label, says ‘it’s nice to make our own story here.’

‘There’s so many different aspects to Limedrop.  We have our funglasses [which give you rainbow vision!], jewellery, fifty shades of nailpolish, our organic bamboo bedlinen cloudland and of course our women’s wear,’

‘We wanted to create this store to be a welcoming, warm,  Australian experience,’ Clea said.

Clea’s description of Limedrop as ‘fun’ and ‘making anything possible’ not only emulates  the atmosphere of the store, but also the close friends and past employees of the brand.

French student Lea Tascom came to Melbourne for a six-month internship at the label.  Staying true to its motto, she said it was like ‘a dream come true.’

‘I really liked Melbourne and I was looking for a local label…I never thought I would be lucky enough to work at such a smart and amazing place,’

‘Clea knows what she wants, where Limedrop is heading and has a vision.  I truly had the best time here,’ Lea said.

Very fresh, Limedrop.  Happy Birthday!

Photography for THE F exclusively by Warren McColl Jones. 

Limedrop Flagship Melbourne, THE F 1-1


Limedrop Flagship Melbourne, THE F 3-1

Limedrop Flagship Melbourne, THE F 4-1

Limedrop Flagship Melbourne, THE F 5-1

Limedrop Flagship Melbourne, THE F 6-1

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Limedrop Flagship Melbourne, THE F 9-1

Limedrop Flagship Melbourne, THE F 10-1

Limedrop Flagship Melbourne, THE F 11-1

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Limedrop Flagship Melbourne, THE F 16-1

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