A Course In Makin’ Cocktails At Li’l Darlin’ Sydney

Everything’s going to swell and then suddenly there are just too many delicious cocktails to chose from!  Such is the world of Li’l Darlin’ Sydney.

It was a Saturday, the temperature was pleasant and the sun to cloud ratio, amicable. Surry Hills, ever it’s regal and elegant self was unfurling upon all who would walk its streets, a delightful cheerfulness that seemed to send a challenge to the advancement of winter; you may send your nips and chills but we will remain fabulous in our scarves and boots thank you.

It was the L’il Darlin and its historical haven of impeccable cocktails that we were earnestly seeking. Lauded as nexus of incredible knowledge, flavours and décor, all the senses, they were a tingling with anticipation.

Simon and his charming friend Garfunkel cordially greeted us with confident melodic voices as we stepped into the L’il Darlin, nothing so convivial and welcoming than a stanza or three of a duo that could weave the ingredients of noise into an offering most palatable. The musical ambiance of the L’il Darlin was confident, cultured and intelligent, it all boded very well. It seemed but natural that the cocktails would follow suit.

Glancing around it could be discerned the ambiance was in part fuelled by the warm lighting, most brilliant of pink fuchsias, fresh foliage and intricate-quirky street art. It all combined into an upbeat, social and engaging setting ready for any occasion or celebration. The final contingent of the ambiance was made up by our gleeful anticipation of the cocktail class we were about to immerse ourselves in.

The L’il Darlin has been running cocktails classes for nearly two years and they show no sign of slowing down, preferring to let the good times flow! Two classes are run every Saturday and we could see this created the opportunity for more intimate classes and the opportunity of personal queries and instruction.

In the effort to sufficiently convey the delectable song each note of cocktail served, we know we must describe the precious cocktails, without welling up such a need that we have to cease writing and return.

The Fiary floss, this was a low blow from the L’il Darlin. Who can ever resist Fairy floss? Even as an adult, as soon as the puffs of pink floating magic come into view, it’s time to ignore the entreaties of the young, you deserve the candy floss, you’re worth it. Well, the L’il Darlin shook up such a cocktail we thought we’d gone down the pink brick road to the fuschia city. With codka, blood orange and vanilla syrup with raspberry sorbet and actual, juicy raspberries, this candy drink was coy and playful and unabashedly sweet. Perfectly soothing the post work pangs!

The hundreds and thousands cocktail was a mixture of vodka shaken with homemade apple and strawberry puree, finished with a drizzle of lemon juice. What emerged was a fresh and light beverage with a kick at the end to bring one utterly to the party.

And then things became viscerally joyful. With the white chocolate passionfruit martini, white chocolate liqueur with cake infused vodka (it’s true, we would never, ever lie to you about such an important topic!) drizzled with ruby red grapefruit and passionfruit. Why, the heart was all a flutter, all the good things, they had so perfectly converged.

Alas, there were so many other such treats but we can’t bear to resurrect them all, it’s all too much goodness. You’ll have to take yourself, your intrepid partner, their best friend, yours, mum and dad and your favourite cousin down to the L’il Darlin for the cocktail workshop and darn cocktails themselves. You’re worth it.




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