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Life is better unplanned. Don’t forget to be present, look around you, be yourself and let life happen; some of the best words of advice a true bon vivant can utter than have the most meaning when an element of celebration is entwined.

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Chandon is all about celebration, enjoyment, taking the moment for what it is and not taking yourself or anything around you too seriously. Dasha and Colin of The Trendspotter have turned the mantra into the guiding system of their life as they traverse the globe on the hunt of the next fleeting pleasure. From the cafe culture of hometown Melbourne, to the fashion-soaked catwalks and parties of fashion weeks around the world and the romantic tourist destinations of Paris and Milan, the Life Live Unplanned motto is one to adhere to for not only them, but everyone.

It’s a positive mindset that in a way, is how we could all live: for the now, the pleasant and the enjoyable. By being a ‘yes’ person and saying no to no experience or chance to build a fabulous memory to live with, the Chandon motto really takes hold. Breaking away from the norm is terrifying, exciting and necessary to live a full and rich life that others look at in envy and you pioneer in earnest. Inspired? Yes. Influential? Yes. Doable? Definitely.

Take a leaf from the Trendspotter and Chandon’s book and Live Life Unplanned.

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