Leo Greenfield drawings in Modern Times

There sits in Fitzroy a small gallery called Modern Times.

It shows the works of creative minds, the likes of Australian artists and visionaries with a view to giving them a platform to show their work and really let their skills shine.

Here, they love Danish furniture and Scandinavian things, accompanied by contemporary Australian art and homewares. It all started from a series of pop-ups and has now become a permanent fixture in the furniture and art scene of Melbourne.

Similarly, there lives a small artist in Melbourne called Leo Greenfield.

He is a documenter of street art and culture, an illustrator of great repute and a generally talented man whose eye for creativity is something to be reckoned with, it seems.

His weapon of choice is the pencil and his skill set lives and remains in drawing. It’s something about the obvious ability to manipulate the image to show his own creative flair alongside that of the subject matter’s that makes what he produces so inimitably enticing.

His works have been widely exhibited in Melbourne – and now at Modern Times – with highlights being contributing to the Thousands publications, creating animations for Gertrude Contemporary’s Slide Space and giving public talks at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Leo Greenfield is influenced by people and the being of a person. He turns the concept of fashion and what people wear, into illustrative form, then flips it on its head. He uses the language of drawings once made to envision garments to be created, Leo uses the process to document what real people are wearing. Leo always works from memory, without the aid of a camera. 

His work now hangs in Modern Times at 311 Smith St., Fitzroy where it can be purchased.

Leo Greenfield drawing, Modern Times 1

Leo Greenfield drawing, Modern Times 2

Leo Greenfield drawing, Modern Times 3


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