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Learn how to tailor with Belance and Campari

When you wear suits, you’ll want to wear them well. Otherwise what’s the point?

Looking slouchy and shabby in a suit is the same as wearing mismatched socks or white pleather shoes – you just don’t do it.

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Thankfully for Campari Week, Belance store in Sydney teamed with the leading spirits brand to teach drinkers the rules behind dressing with style, dressing with purpose and dressing like someone who knows how.

The rules? Glad you asked…

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  1. Never button the bottom button of a jacket
  2. Don’t wear a shirt with cuffs that are longer than your wrists
  3. Tailor the trousers to your leg with only a very short break (the fold of them at your ankle) above your shoe
  4. Match your belt to your shoes
  5. Position the point of your tie to the very top of your belt buckle
  6. Don’t wear a half or full windsor tie knot, especially if you have a really small head
  7. Cut the thread on your jacket vents before you wear it – it isn’t for decoration
  8. Finally, always drink something with an air of finesse: martini, negroni or bellini.

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How to make a Negroni with Campari:

1/3 Campari

1/3 Sweet Vermouth

1/3 Gin

Fill old fashioned glass with cubed ice. Add equal parts Campari, sweet vermouth and gin and stir well. Garnish with a slice of orange. *Either 20ml or 30ml for each ingredient.

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