Le Creuset Melbourne

Its second store in Australia since making its debut in Sydney, Le Creuset has opened its doors in Melbourne’s newest retail offering, Emporium Melbourne.

Allowing Australia to join the 70-plus countries around the world that sell the Le Creuset brand since its first store, Melbourne’s bigger, better, significantly brighter and impressively bolder outlet on the prestigous upper floor of the Emporium Melbourne is now up there with the best of them.

Le Creuset is known worldwide for its synonymity with fine cooking and top chef’s preferences and has carved a nice little niche for itself since inception through the technology that goes into its kitchenware and the bold, infectiously enticing colour schemes that line any given store’s shelves.

Their Melbourne Emporium store features  a distinct layout that separates the add-ons from the main bulk of the Le Creuset collection, all of which is perfectly and harmoniously colour-coordinated along each of the store’s walls.

With tools and tricks for the most entry level to the most adept of kitchen lurkers, Le Creuset’s new Emporium Melbourne store is as much in existence to teach its customers how to use its pieces, as sell them.

A beautiful, bright store with a new, excited and excitable team to boot, the new Le Creuset store at Emporium Melbourne is no doubt a welcome gem in Melbourne’s kitchenware retail goodie box.

See more at lecreuset.com.au


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