Launching the La Máscara Beverage Co.

As made famous on hit new Australian TV show the Real Housewives of Melbourne, now prominent Melbourne social icon-come-entrepreneur Jackie Gillies is an alcohol baroness, driving the success of her new beverage company, La Máscara.

Three bottled pre-mixed alcoholic options for the more discerning of alcohol aficionados make-up the range and appeal to a pretty broad taste spectrum: from the incomprehensibly popular espresso martini to a cloudy apple and mint mojito.

The La Máscara brand brings with it something that alcohol companies have perfected over the years. The allure of a sense of style and elegance in a bottle that only money can buy. Makes no more sense for any other brand than La Máscara with its creator’s roots in wealth, fame, prominence and television.

They held a party at Melbourne’s Morris Jones restaurant on funky southeastern strip Chapel Street to a select group of Melbourne’s big drinkers and trend setters, celebrating their success and success to come.

The brand is inspired by the mystery, party and glamour of the Carnivale of South American and Europe and touts tales of natural ingredients and strong flavours, sure to knock any drinker’s socks off.

No doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more Carnivale masks as time goes by.

La Mascara 1

La Mascara 2


La Máscara Cloudy Apple & Mint Mojito is a premium, all natural and ready to serve cocktail, bringing a touch of class to any occasion. A fresh and fabulous version of the ever popular mojito. The unique combination of natural lime and mint with cloudy apple juice makes this a truly delicious cocktail for any occasion. Simply serve chilled, over ice, and garnish with fresh mint and a slice of lime.


La Máscara Raspberry & Lime Cosmo is a premium, all natural and ready to serve cocktail, bringing a touch of class to any occasion. The classic cosmo with a new twist, made from juicy raspberry and refreshing lime. Produced from all natural ingredients, enjoy the cocktail experience on any occasion. Chill, shake, serve in an elegant glass with a garnish of sliced lime or 3 raspberries.


La Máscara Espresso Martini is a premium, all natural and ready to serve cocktail, bringing a touch of class to any occasion. This velvety smooth martini is made with cold drip filtered coffee for the perfect espresso taste. The skillful blend of six single origin beans creates a rich flavour, expertly finished with natural vanilla. Chill, shake, serve in an elegant glass.

La Mascara 4

La Mascara 5

La Mascara 6

La Mascara 7

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