Kraken Karnival - Hotdog and Espresso Martini

A rum carnival in Marrickville? Yes, please

The Kraken spiced rum is one hell of a yo-ho-ing good kinda drink that will do all sorts of things to change your otherwise regular perception of what the scallywag’s favourite tipple is.

And now this year from Friday, the Kraken Black Spiced Rum is set to cast a shadow over Sydney’s gritty inner-west, as the Kraken Karnival arrives in town, transforming The Vic, Marrickville into a two-day festival of darkness.

Though, it’s not a ‘carnival’ as you know them and will be offering-up something new to the whole concept. It’ll be devoid of lights, bright colours, sparkly things and weird people tying their bodies in knots (ew), instead serving-up unconventional attractions that will flaunt a greyscale landscape featuring the dark and ominous.

Basically, the Kraken Karnival pays homage to the historic 1817 battle of the Kraken and the Lighthouse, depicted by a four-metre helter skelter wrapped in the attacking tentacle of the Kraken.

Kraken Karnival helter skelter

Kraken itself will be seen in a whole new light, with a selection of cocktails and kraken-infused carny-grub on show.

The hero cocktail plays a twist on the traditional Espresso Martini, garnished with white Persian fairy floss. The Persian fairy floss acts an additional sweetener to sugar syrup, altering the amount required to sweeten the drink. As Persian fairy floss doesn’t dissolve as fast as traditional fairy floss, the garnish is able to float on top and slowly dissolve into the Espresso Martini.

The Kraken Karnival - Espresso Martini

Kraken will also introduce the Kraken-infused black hotdog, with caramelised onions and ink dyed black buns. If patrons are still hungry, The Vic has a range of meals from their bustling kitchen, including Kraken Ribs and Salt and Pepper Kraken Squid.

The Kraken Karnival - Social flatlay

The Kraken Karnival is in town for one weekend only, before heading back to sea for hibernation. As a parting gift, the Kraken will leave behind elements of the Karnival to float around iconic inner-west venues for the months of July, August and September.

Kraken Karnival Espresso Martini

Tickets are free but spaces are limited, so be sure to register your attendance via the Facebook event page here.

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