Koi Dessert Bar

Why Koi Dessert Bar is all it’s cracked-up to be

Lacking in the Sydney culinary offering was a dedicated dessert bar, that served some of the world’s most-loved flavours in a super stylish setting.

Enter Koi Dessert Bar, which does all that and takes the city’s burgeoning demands for the sweet stuff well within its stride.

It started a while back under the inspiration of ex-TV chef Reynold Poernomo who noticed a gap in the restaurant offering of a city as big as Sydney and so decided it needed a bit of sweetening-up.

We had a chat with him about all things Koi, dessert and what makes it good!

Why dessert?  

Dessert because its more versatile, technical, and more of a challenge. 

Koi has quickly carved itself a name in the Sydney restaurant and cafe scene. Did you think it would be as successful as it is?

No, I did not. However, I still believe there’s more room for success.

What sets Koi apart from other dessert shops? 

We have an offering of cafe style patisseries, as well as a sit down dining experience upstairs. 

Koi Dessert bar lemon

What on the Koi menu makes the venue so special? 

Our Moss, my signature dessert. The Moss consist of a pistachio mousse, filled with a caramel gel center, coated with white chocolate matcha, apple sorbet, pistachio sponge, lime yogurt, dulce cremeux, and apple blossom jelly.   

How did the concept for a dessert bar come into your mind? 

My brother Ronald and I have always had an idea of a dessert bar for quite some time now, and it was definitely lacking in the Sydney food scene.  

Plans to expand to other cities?  

We have a couple of ideas in mind, but its still too early to tell.

Koi Dessert Bar moss dessert

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