Pier One Sydney Harbour Knafeh Bakery cheese dessert

Knafeh Bakery is moving in to Pier One this Good Food Month Sydney

The bearded bakers who have single-handedly made the Lebanese dessert, knafeh, a hit Sydney-wide are moving into one of the Sydney’s most prime hot-spots.

Pier One will welcome the cheese-loving dessert-makers, whose desserts have quickly made a name for themselves far-and-wide.

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Pier One Sydney Harbour Knafeh Bakery bridge

A specially-designed spectacular perspex container perched on the waterfront of Sydney Harbour on Pier One will play host the Bakers who will cook up storm with their signature high energy entertainment every weekend throughout the October.

Getting into the spirit of what Pier One famously has to offer, Knafeh Bakery will also put their own spin on some of Pier One’s food and drinks rom the menu, adding a twist to the Kerrigan food shack that takes prime possie on the waterside deck of the hotel.

It’s all going down every Thursday to Sunday throughout October, from:
5 – 8 October
12 – 15 October
19 – 22 October
26 – 29 October

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