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The Kingsman movie has a collection on MR PORTER you want

MR PORTER has a special treat coming for men of style: a new ‘costume-to-collection’ range of threads you’ll want in your wardrobe.

The collaboration of menswear label, Kingsman, developed and inspired by the forthcoming 20th Century Fox film, Kingsman: The Golden Circle in theatres this September.

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This is the second ‘costume to collection’ partnership between MR PORTER, Matthew Vaughn and award-wining costume designer Arianne Phillips following the successful creation and launch of Kingsman for the original 2015 film Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Buying manager at MR PORTER, Sam Kershaw had a few things to say about one of his darn finest collections…

Kingsman The Golden Circle Look 2

Let’s start from the beginning, how did the project come about?

The initial project came about in 2013 after a conference call took place between director Matthew Vaughn and the MR PORTER Executive team. Matthew explained he was developing a film, Kingsman: The Secret Service, and how as a fan of cinema’s most iconic films, he noticed how often the costume design played a pivotal role in the status and yet was never available to buy. He was developing a script that was a rags to riches story, centred around sharply dressed spies, and looking for a partner to produce a collection – this is where MR PORTER was brought in. Developed in collaboration with illustrious Costume Designer Arianne Phillips, the process to design the collection and choose the brands to work with was very organic. Arianne worked alongside Matthew and MR PORTER’s Toby Bateman (then Buying Director, now Managing Director) to create a collection valid in a retail environment. Since Kingsman: The Secret Service, MR PORTER has continued to release seasonal collections from the Kingsman brand on site. For the upcoming Kingsman: The Golden Circle, it was a natural step to continue the partnership.

Kingsman The Golden Circle Look 2

Tell us more about how the Kingsman brand has performed since the first collection for Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Since the first collection launched in 2015, Kingsman has grown and now confidently stands as a brand in its own right. Currently in its 6th season, much of the tailoring and luxury pieces such as the cashmere overcoats and knitwear perform well alongside our roster of luxury brands. Our approach to developing these collections has been a careful and considered process, creating product which we felt the original characters in the film would wear and translating these considerations from winter to spring collections. The 6th season of the Kingsman collection has been the most successful to date, and with it not having launched in line with a film, provides a clear indication of how well the product and brand is received. NB: Kingsman: The Golden Circle ‘Costume to Collection’ will be the brands 7th season.

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What is different about this collection compared to previous collections, including the first for Kingsman: The Secret Service?

The key difference and distinction of this collection is the introduction of Statesman to the Film. In Kingsman: The Golden Circle we see an array of new characters, the Statesman, as the narrative moves to the United States. With a strong American style, the Statesman dress in a completely different way to the traditional tailored British spies. This created a new avenue to introduce American style casual wear into the collection and opened doors to new and existing brands to partner with.

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New brands have been added to this collection, how did you decide which brands to work with?

Our approach in deciding which brands to work with was very similar approach to when we launched the first collection – essentially working with brands that would resonate in both the Film and on MR PORTER. For the new Statesman pieces in the collection, we knew that we wanted to partner with brands that the characters would have worn themselves. We chose brands who are experts in their product field. For example, partnering with San Francisco legacy brand Golden Bear to produce the Poppy’s leather bomber jacket was a no brainer for us as they have been producing these jackets since the 1940’s. Our customer shops on MR PORTER to gain access to a curated edit of the best brands and products on the market, this Kingsman collection is no different.

Kingsman The Golden Circle Look 6

Describe the collection and its target audience.

The collection offers a broad mix of formal and casual pieces shown through the dedicated Kingsman and Statesman product areas. The collection includes a contemporary take on Savile Row and traditional British tailoring alongside emblematic American inspired casualwear.

This collection is not only for loyal Kingsman film fans, but fans of the Kingsman brand who appreciate quality craftsmanship and provenance of garments. The target audience is broad, the customer could range from 25 with a keen eye for the Kingsman by Adidas sneakers to over 50 with a fondness for the luxury Kingsman by Deakin & Francis cufflinks.

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Tell us more about the context of the costume within the film?

Colin Firth’s character has been quoted as saying “the suit is the modern day gentleman’s suit of armour” and this resonates for the characters within the film. The Savile Row tailored suit brings a clear identity and value to the British Kingsman spies whilst the symbolic American style defines the Statesman agents.

What makes the Kingsman brand different from anything else in the market?

Kingsman is an industry first, a brand that creates world class ‘costume to collection’ product and formed as a result of an exclusive partnership between director, Matthew Vaughn and MR PORTER. The renowned co-branding partners and stand out product design is what makes the brand truly unique. Regardless of whether the collection is associated with the Kingsman film, the product is fantastic and sits alongside the luxury brands on MR PORTER.

How does this collaboration redefine the way the film and fashion industry work together?

Never before has there been a ‘costume to collection’ partnership that works so seamlessly and from the very beginning. MR PORTER has been on-hand in the pre-production stages of both films, working with Matthew Vaughn and Arianne Phillips in making sure that whatever the characters are wearing in the movie is exactly what we’re presenting for sale on MR PORTER. The organization, foresight and production involved, not to mention the quality of partner brands, is truly astonishing, and it’s been a proud feat to marry the very different timelines and schedules of the film and fashion industry.

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