All About Kérastase Densifique Homme

This new collection by Kérastase is all about increasing the density of hair. And it does it well.

Kerastase Paris has reformulated its renowned hair density collection called ‘Densifique’ to combat hair thinning experienced by men. And thank god for that.

It is backed by L’Oreal Advanced Research and comes as part of a three-month programme that have apparent proven results.

Kerastase Densifique

Kerastase has always been about the active ingredients it can activate in your hair in conjunction with it, rather than against. For example in 2013, Kerastase unveiled its first professional hair density-focused product, which contained an active ingredient called Stemoxydine. It’s meant to awaken dormant stem cells in hair follicles and imitates the optimal environment of the cells, which in turn, revives hair and encourages regeneration. Scientific, huh?

Now with the new range, in a three-month cure programme, Densifique Homme is about a scientific and sensory approach with its inclusion of glycans, inspired by Glycobiology, which are naturally present in hair follicles. Glycans are instrumental in defining the strength and vitality of hair and over time, the quality of natural glycans can diminish, resulting in a slower connection between stem cells and a decline in the production of thick hair.

See more about where to get it here.


Kerastase Densifique






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