Kenzo SS14

With a print throughout reflective of sticks of bamboo in all sorts of obtuse angles, the Kenzo SS14 men’s collection with a smattering of oversized coats and uppers with sharp tailored shorts and pants, flattering to the male frame.

Piercingly warm tones of blue, beige, grey and black in contrasting combinations keep the eye active as the clothes shout from all angles ‘look at me’.

See more at GQ.

Kenzo 1

Kenzo 2

Kenzo 3

Kenzo 4

Kenzo 5

Kenzo 6

Kenzo 7

Kenzo 8

Kenzo 9

Kenzo 10

Kenzo 11

Kenzo 12

Kenzo 13

Kenzo 14

Kenzo 15

Kenzo 16

Kenzo 17

Kenzo 18

Kenzo 19


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