Kent & Lime Means You Have Your Own Personal Stylist On Call

Kent & Lime might be a little known name when it comes to men’s style and fashion, but it’s one that will revolutionise your life.

From first-hand experience they’re about three things: efficiency, style and skill. And they aren’t afraid to flaunt them all together to change what ‘going shopping’ means forevermore.

They make shopping for men a simple task at any point of any week, month or year. You’re assigned a personal stylish who – with admittedly little information about you as a person other than a few demographic details and preferences choices from a list – is able to make some seriously impressive decisions as to what you’ll wear on your behalf.


It’s all done online with an option to do the face-to-face thing if that’s your preference, but once your details are recorded along with a categorical list of what you already own, they get to work.

The result? Really quite astounding, to be honest.

Their stylists are trained to what’s obviously quite a high standard and imbued with the skill to properly pick you as a person without knowing you on that level; a skill to the nth degree, to be honest.

Kent & Lime men's personal styling

A quick phone consultation pre- and post-Kent & Lime delivery means they know who they’re talking to and what they’re looking for, which makes the whole experience really quite seamless.

Fast-forward about a day if you’re based in Sydney or 2+ if you’re elsewhere and a box loaded with eight options of the clothes you need comes knocking. Try on and keep what you like (and what fits) and send the rest back.

Kent & Lime men's personal styling

Simple and easy, the Kent & Lime experience is unique, handy, professional and actually quite fun.

Head over to their website at to sign-up and get your free consultation to suss it all out now.


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