Keep Sydney Open With The Proudly Pokies Free Movement

Proudly Pokies Free‘ is a movement similar to Keep Sydney Open that is trying to teach young Australian’s about the negative effects of the pokies, by promoting an alternative vision of Sydney’s nightlife.
And it’s working! They want to focus on a vision of Sydney that thrives on innovation, live music and true hospitality. So, they are hosting an event at the Oxford Arts Factory on the 23rd of October. It’s going to be all about great music and positive vibes, with performances from Tim Freedman, JOYRIDE, Wild Honey, Left and Bad Deep DJ’s.
Plus a super special guest who’ll be revealed on the Sunday. There’s also going to be some cool live art on the night by Scott Marsh, the artist who created the Kanye kissing Kanye mural.
See more about the event at their Facebook page here and support the movement for the good of the future! Tickets are $15 to the event.

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